Gwen Sofer, The Women’s Circle

gwen soferGwen Sofer’s project, The Women’s Circle, was initially inspired by Gwen’s observation that women’s quilting circles from the past were a way for intergenerational women to come together and form safe and supportive community.

The Women’s Circle involves collecting stories from women of all ages about moments of transformation in their lives. Gwen will curate these stories of growth and experience and will compile them into a written resource for other women to reference. Second, she plans to run a women’s retreat that combines the tools of yoga, self-discovery, group work, art creation and journaling to empower participants to step into their purpose with confidence, self-understanding and support.

The goal of the Women’s Circle will be to give women the tools to understand what limiting beliefs they have that are preventing them from finding their power and purpose and to offer them a safe, supported space to explore this concept, and ultimately be inspired and motivated to step into their most powerful self.

Gwen came to us through our flow fund partnership with Off the Mat Into the World.