Gumbo Majubwa,UWAMKE Women Group – Trees Nursery: The foundation for Agroforestry project.

Date grant awarded: June 8, 2018

When Gumbo Majubwa was 21 years old, his childhood forest in Bagamoyo District, east of Tanzania, was at the beginning stages of being degraded. Today, he can hear the sound of chainsaw machines in eery part of the country. This means deforestation. In Tanzania, villages are the main owners of forests and woodlands where deforestation is mostly happening. To solve the problem of deforestation, Gumbo Majubwa became a catalyst and agent of change in the country by creating the project, “Trees Nursery: The Foundation for Agroforestry.”

The project is located at Mkange Village in Bagamoyo District, Coast Region whereby 84 beneficiaries from the UWAMKE Women group will work together with ambakofi to implement this venture. The project aims to create a sustainable tree nursery, which will be used to rejuvenate the degraded land by deforestation in the village and the nearby areas, creating chemical-free agroforest farms to increase food, fruits, medicine, spices, vegetables, and fodder products that will generate income to the beneficiaries and the community. The grant will be used to establish a tree nursery as the base towards sustainable agroforestry projects.