Greg Singer, Veg Toons


Greg is an accomplished production manager and story developer and has worked with  companies like DreamWorks Feature Animation, Fox Feature Animation and Cartoon Network.  He tells us that one of his early mentors said that “we should do the work that no one else is doing. We should leverage our talents, skills and passion in service to humanity.”  This is exactly what Greg is seeking to do with his Vegtoons Series.

The Vegtoons Series is an independent educational initiative to promote plant-based diets.  It uses animation due to that medium’s unique capacity to distill complex ideas into an accessible, palatable format that appeals across an age, culture and literacy spectrum. Vegtoons  is designed for omnivores – to raise awareness and understanding for compassionate, eco-conscious lifestyle. The goal is to encourage and inspire folks to eat less meat for our personal and planetary health.

See a clip of Vegtoons!

Vegtoons will be freely available online, reaching people across cultures and generations. The show is a stepping stone, a springboard, to a deeper conversation, one that is respectful in articulating the values of veganism, but also fruitful in broadening people’s imagination for what is possible.