Green Babies Afterschool Program – Saving Our Babies Inc.

Date grant awarded: June 15, 2018

Monica Rivers and Michael Younger created the Green Babies Afterschool program in Brooklyn, New York. The goal of their organization is to address the need for young people to not be alone after school. They are striving to support parents who need to work and do not want their children home alone facing risks. Saving Our Babies, Inc. will provide a community based afterschool program for school-aged children, with the purpose of providing a safe, inviting place after school hours, where students can engage in enrichment activities and educational fun. They plan to lead and guide students in their community with programs that will build character, improve their academic standing, and promote positive and healthy lifestyle changes.

Their organization provides vegan meals and snacks, food and nutrition education, and creative workshops to introduce more fruits and vegetables into the diets of young people. This information introduces young people to healthier options, easy meal and snack preparation, as well as reducing obesity rates.

Monica and Michael were both raised by single working women and were ‘latchkey’ kids who went home and ate denatured foods heated by a microwave and oven until their mothers arrived. Michael has been a vegan and mentor of young men for the past 17 years. Monica has been vegan for just four very powerful years.

Their goal is to provide a safe space for young people to go after school. They want to provide the most nutritional meals and snacks, along with encouraging an alternative way of life. While the students are in their space, they will teach them why it’s important to honor nature and how its not as hard as it may seem to transition to a plant based diet.