Denise Coles - 'What's Up My Madibaz!" Getting Rid of the 'n' Word

Denise Coles – ‘What’s Up My Madibaz!” Getting Rid of the ‘n’ Word

Date grant awarded: 11/07/2017

Mistah Coles, founder of Ms. Mistah Productions, located in New York City, has taken on a monumental project–getting rid of the ‘N’ word once and for all. Through her original, short film, she gets the message out there through startling graphics, fantastic, catchy music and plain ole ‘edumacating’ the masses. Her goal isn’t just to get rid of this horrific word, but suggests filling the void with an honorable, prideful word “Madiba”, the name given to honor Nelson Mandela (former president of South Africa) and the name of a 17th century South African warrior.

Ms. Coles has been writing, directing and producing plays since 2001 through Ms. Mistah Productions. Through social media, city, state and worldwide, free distribution, she hopes to bring change for the better, by identifying with ‘Madiba’ rather than that infernal ‘N’ word. Join her, my Madibaz!