Gordon Otieno Wanzare, Vegetable Farming Income Generation for Rural Youth and Women

Income generation and self-employment of rural youth and women through affordable greenhouse vegetable farming as a business is an initiative started by Gordon Otieno Wanzare to economically empower rural youth and women in Suba Sub-County which is one of the poorest regions of Kenya with poverty and youth unemployment levels in excess of 50% and 70% respectively. Furthermore, lack of access to adequate farmland and ownership rights due to cultural systems is a major impediment to these rural youth and women’s quest to venture into farming as a business. Vegetable Farming Income Generation for Rural Youth and Women supports rural youth and women to establish affordable greenhouses for vegetable/fruit production, trains them on farming as a business, and organizes them into farming groups for collective action in accessing markets, finance, and technology.

Date grant awarded: August 6, 2016