Glory Lueong, Breaking The Silence And Stigma (BSS): Sexual And Reproductive Health Education In Rural Ndop–Cameroon

Date grant awarded: 2/8/2017

In most rural communities in Ngoketunjia Division of Cameroon, there is a culture of silence around sexual and reproductive health education with stigmatising behaviours towards PLWH. Sometimes, the mere fact that a woman is told not to breast feed her baby sends out a community signal that she is HIV/AIDS positive, which results in finger pointing and more stigma.

This project is providing comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, care, anti-stigma as well as sexual and reproductive health education and support to rural girls and women in these communities. Through this project, Glory hopes to reduce the spread of the HIV virus, stigma, ‘finger pointing and resulting interpersonal conflicts’ as well as to promote healthy and safe sexual behaviors among youths and other community members.