Gloria Avosuahi Adaba - Thumbs-up Initiative

Gloria Avosuahi Adaba, Mr. Lekan Anthony, Mr. Eric Oyewo, Mr. Onimisi Adaba – Thumbs-up Initiative

Today, the world is in need of leaders who do not only practice what they preach, but preach what they practice. In other words, humanity needs leaders who are capable (first and foremost) of leading themselves and leading exemplary lives worthy of emulation before they can become effective leaders in their world. Today, people see what you do twice as much as hear what you say. Hence the need for leaders to embrace the concept of self leadership as a prerequisite of effective leadership.

Thumbs Up Initiative (TUI) provides youth with a self awareness, self identity and self leadership platform where they know, appreciate and learn that every human being is a potential leader. Therefore, the leadership concept is for everyone, and not a selected few to learn. The earlier our youth become aware of this and start developing themselves in this area, the better for their world tomorrow.

TUI is a youth leadership development initiative; birthed as a result of the inherent passion to see young people evolve into responsible members and leaders of society and from the personal growing-up experiences of Gloria Avosuahi Adaba. She appreciates that even though she cannot change the world alone, she has started with herself and also from her community in Lagos, Nigeria, where she lives. She has trained almost a hundred youth between the ages of 11 and 25 since 2016, starting in her community’s secondary school. She is currently working with more secondary (high) schools in her community and instilling this concept in the Nigerian youth.