Girls Should Thrive Initiative (GiST) - GIST fill that gap project

Girls Should Thrive Initiative (GiST) – GIST fill that gap project

The GIST (Girls Should Thrive Initiative) fill that gap project is located in Kano, State, Nigeria and it will equip girls from underserved communities with entrepreneurship and problem solving skills that will help them chart a course for themselves and their community. Research shows that girls between the ages of 15-22 in underserved communities either drop out of secondary school or they do not finish their studies at university. This leaves them idle at this stage of their lives and exposes them to certain disadvantages like teenage pregnancy, early marriage, as well as drug and sexual abuse.

Jennifer Agunloye was inspired to start this project when she realized that boys were enrolling in college, but girls were not.This inspired her to research this phenomenon and start her own training school project, which exposes the girls to different skills that will enable them to not only create a successful life for themselves, but also address certain issues in their communities. The Pollination Project grant will help Jennifer set up the center and begin the trainings immediately.