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Girls Leading Girls – Girls Leading Girls Junior Coaching & Leadership Academy

This is a new initiative is called our Girls Junior Coaching & Leadership Academy for girls in high school. We plan to start this program with 50 disenfranchised girls in San Francisco in grades 9-12 at public schools.

The goals of this program are to provide leadership & job training to 50 high school girls, build up communities through sub projects led by these 50 girls, equip girls with mentors, weekly trainings on life skills, professional & personal development to help them graduate from high school, and hire these 50 girls as paid assistant coaches upon completion of the program. This program addresses the issue of financial assistance, lack of mentorship for girls in sports and coaching, high school drop out rates, and community engagement and leadership from youth.

Our overall mission is to train girls ages 7-18 in leadership and life skills through soccer. We are working towards equal play for all girls at all levels of the game starting with participating as an athlete and then becoming a leader as a coach. This program is an arm towards creating more women coaches because currently there is a huge gap in the number of women coaches compared to male coaches. We are also providing mentoring to these girls in addition to coach job training, to provide them with an enhanced quality of life through improved academic performance, attendance, and participation as well as increased self-esteem, confidence, communication skills, and economic gain. Not only will they be more likely to graduate high school but they will have a job and work force skills to help them navigate their transition to young adulthood.

Since our initial seed funding of $1,000 in 2014, we have been able to grow in reach and finances with more grant funding for our free programming like this Leadership & Junior Coaching Academy to go from just that $1,000 in 2014 to $34,300 in grant funding this past year in 2018! Additionally, that exposure on The Huffington Post and through the TPP network has helped us become more visible to other organizations, foundations, and influencers. Since inception in 2014 and our first grant from TPP, we have grown in reach of girls to serve 400 girls every year now; we have expanded to serve girls in Oakland; we have added new leadership opportunities to our girls including our junior board of directors and career events with local professional women; we have been able to collaborate with big name companies in the community like Airbnb, UC Berkeley, Goal5, Google, PG&E; and we’ve been increasing our volunteer base each year to include more professional women in the community that want to give back to the younger generation.

By launching this program we will be able to work with these same 50 girls for the next two to four years at least while they are in high school and utilize their support to grow the organization on and off the field while providing them with job training and skills for college. The Girls Junior Coaching & Leadership Academy will grow our coaching resources to provide us with the human capacity needed to reach more girls in the community. Our biggest challenge since inception has been finding women coaches! This program will solve that challenge by leveraging our existing base of beneficiaries that have grown through the years and are capable of becoming certified coaches. For every one female coach age 16+ that is trained we can reach 10 girls ages 6-15 years old. In 2019 our goals are to: double our reach to 800 girls, expand to another location, recruit and train 50 more women coaches, improve depth of reach by offering a mentoring program to girls and more off field leadership opportunities, collaborate with five new organizations or companies in the community, launch this new program for high school girls- Girls Junior Coaching & Leadership Academy.

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