Gillian Squirrell - Street Coach

Gillian Squirrell, Street Coach

Date grant awarded: 06/11/2017

For me it is quite unacceptable that someone can be confined to their vehicle or the street and be expected to live their life, whatever the complex reasons that got them there. It is unacceptable to have to possibly pass the next few years of life or even longer structuring it around the rituals and rigors of living homeless. Passing time in the park because it’s the only free place to park a vehicle, find some shade away from the heat and have use of a free restroom. To spend time keeping a wary eye on personal possessions, not really sure about who might be trustworthy or reliable. Spending time in eking out resources, visiting places offering free food or vouchers, conforming to expectations of service providers or going without. All the time used, time marked, time spent waiting and time disregarded adds up to a life.

Street Coach has grown out of working with people living homeless, appreciating that while we are not able to build houses for people and so solve problems we can improve quality of life by engaging people in meaningful personal development work. Work that is contextualized within an understanding that people have limited bandwidth and taxed bandwidth, but amount to being more than the label of ‘homeless’ allows.

Street Coach workshops, training and coaching are intended to support the re-discovery of aspects of identity, to help people to a position of understanding and choice, and assist in processes of individual change-making.