GIESLA ASEYO for Birthday Tree Present – Birthday Tree Present for Communal Sustenance

Date grant awarded: August 3, 2018

Giesla Aseyo is the founder of the project, Birthday Tree Present for Communal Sustenance, located in Kakamenga, Kenay. Due to the low economic status of most families in her village, Giesela presents tree seedlings to her friends at school and in her neighborhood during their birthdays.

She intends to purchase certified seeds for Osmum kilindischaricum and rosemary, and will plant up to 300 seedlings. She will also construct a small green house to retain 300 “parent plants” for seed multiplication for project continuity. The greenhouse will help to mitigate adverse weather conditions in the future. The Pollination Project funds will help Gisela purchase seeds, plastic containers, construct a mini greenhouse, and cover transportation costs.