Gerardo Tristan /Wotko, Rodrigo Ocampo – El Molcajete ( Food education on wheels)

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Gerardo Tristan, Rodrigo Ocampo
Project Name: El Molcajete ( Food education on wheels)
Grant Location: Mexico City, MEXICO

Funding Partner: Open Philanthropy Project

Project Description: El Molcajete, a food education project on wheels, is bringing delicious, healthy, ethical (vegan), culturally appropriate, affordable, and sustainable food to low income neighborhoods, schools, and other institutions and spaces in Mexico City. In addition to bringing delicious dishes, this project also promotes the reclamation of our diverse and rich indigenous culinary traditions, staples, and dishes.

El Molcajete also offers food education through presentations on food issues, cooking classes, and demos, as well as our pop up food library to Mexico City’s residents. This project primarily serves poor and low income communities that have been negatively impacted by food deserts and health issues.