George Davis, Gaming for Change

Date grant awarded: AUGUST 17, 2013

Can a game change the world? George Davis thinks so. Professor George Davis is a decorated journalist, author of 6 books and a forward-thinking Professor Emeritus from Rutgers University. His career has included writing for publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, Black Enterprise, Essence and he is still a blogger for Psychology Today. He formed the “Spiritual Intelligence Action Research Project” at Rutgers and since the 1990’s spiritual intelligence has been the basis of much of his writing and presentations.

He has assembled a writing, graphic design, web programming, photographic, cinema graphic, musical, and marketing team of volunteers from Asia, Africa, and across North America to create an interactive, multimedia, multi-platform Internet novel-as-a game called “The Bay is Dying”.  The Bay is Dying is a real novel, a spy thriller, with rushes of emotions, intrigue and danger driving the plot forward; except this is interactive fiction.  Millions of players (both web and mobile) from all over the world will be able to add to the suspense, fear and anticipation over the outcomes of actions that they help to set in motion.  The actions of players get them emotionally and competitively involved with protecting the environment.

Professor Davis writes, “we plan to publish the game serially online starting in late 2013. Players from around the world will have dozens of ways to input, interact, and compete for prizes; and by so doing they become deeply involved with the save-the-planet activities that are parts of the game they are playing.”

Funds will be used for infrastructure costs such as setting up nonprofit status for this undertaking.