Gaudenzia Makokha and Phillip Barasa tending Orange fleshed sweet potato vines in her garden

Gaudenzia Adori Makokha – Community Enterprise Through Enhanced OFSP

There have been so many intervention programs of eradicating hunger and poverty to the people of Osuret in Amukura, Kenya, however not one succeeds. More than 90% of the inhabitants of Osuret are impoverished, living at the bottom of the pyramid. To find the root cause of this problem is what inspires me most.

After my studies in Community Development and Biotechnology in 2014, I came to serve the communities with the skills I had acquired. Taking roots in the community, I was elected a community leader two years later. As a leader, I am passionately involved in the issues affecting the rural communities because it is my accountability to look after the welfare of all community members within my jurisdiction and demonstrate the efforts of a leader with parental care. By launching the Community Enterprise Through Enhanced OFSP project, we hope to bring a lasting solution to the problem of hunger and poverty, the people of Osuret have been facing.