Gabby Zuniga, Multicultural Library

Date grant awarded: December 9, 2016

By Youth Development Hub Member Kehli Berry, who has chosen to support this work with a flow fund grant

The beauty and diversity of Los Angeles can be found right in the heart of the city at City Language Immersion Charter School. This charter school embraces the multitude of cultures represented in Los Angeles and ensures that the school’s curriculum embraces and highlights the unique heritage of each culture by equally giving a voice to everyone’s culture and heritage through Literature.

The Parent Volunteer Committee of City Language Immersion Charter School has decided to organize a project where they bring multicultural books and educational curriculum and resources into the school. This volunteer group plan to purchase the “LEAD CHARACTER CULTURAL DIVERSITY” Book Collection. The books in this collection represent the following: African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American/American Indian, Caucasian/White, World Cultures, and Culturally Encompassing books in addition to a wide variety of multicultural educational curriculum and learning resources.

This book would allow students to not only enhance their reading comprehension skills but deepen the students’ appreciation for cultural diversity and empathy and respect for others.By developing a library that houses books representing various cultures, the students can broaden their worldview and appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity.