Fulton Academy Community Garden

Aurora Colorado is home to the Fulton Academy, a school that has a significant population of Nepali, Karen and Burmese refugee families. Many of these families were farmers in their home country.  Within the school, these communities are often at odds with each other, but are now they are coming together to plan and develop the Fulton Academy Community Garden at their school.

The mission of the Fulton Community Garden is to foster a sense of belonging between the school and the surrounding neighborhood by offering garden space to students, parents, teachers, and neighbors. The garden will provide teachers with an outdoor classroom where students can engage in lessons in biology, ecology, wellness and nutrition. Community members will have the opportunity to join the farm to table movement, and to be outside in nature, while nurturing community pride.

The school will also be able capture the momentum from the garden to bring families and neighbors into the school, creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where the entire community supports the social and academic success of children.

To learn more about Fulton Academy, visit their website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: April 29, 2015