The Friendly Volunteers

Giving back not only helps a community, but it can also positively impact the lives of volunteers as well. Led by Angela Robinson, Richard Williams, Dorothy Ogala and Charles Hurt, the Friendly Volunteers is a youth-based organization that works with children ages 12-18, creating opportunities for its members to participate in community service in and around the Greater Baltimore area.

The Baltimore City Public School System requires students to obtain 75 community service hours to be eligible for graduation. The Friendly Volunteers program is designed to not only give youth authentic volunteering experience, but also seeks to impart a sense of social altruism that will have an impact in the members lives as well.

Giving back allows students to obtain first hand knowledge about their community, it instills the values of responsibility to help others, and can also improve a students character and school performance. In addition, Friendly Volunteers provides social, cultural and academic enriching activities. So far, they have provided volunteer services to over 15 charities and volunteer agencies.

To learn more about The Friendly Volunteers, visit their website and Facebook.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 30, 2015