Fredrick Ouma Okumu - Cooksmart For Sustainable Livelihood Project

Fredrick Ouma Okumu, Cooksmart For Sustainable Livelihood Project

Date grant awarded: 3/14/2017

Cooking over wood fired stoves is a huge health hazard for community members who breathe in  the fumes, and also a  huge source of deforestation. After witnessing the impact on his community and the surrounding environment, Fredrick Ouma from Esidende village founded Cooksmart For Sustainable Livelihood, a bio-mass energy saving project that has come up with an ingenious method that produces charcoal without having to cut down a tree.

The project, focused mainly on protecting the environment and creating more sustainable living, both supports reforestation through the promotion of treeplanting, involves making environmentally sound, low emission, and energy-efficient homegrown charcoal from garden wastes (branches, maize cobs, bamboo twigs), and making high quality energy saving stoves that reduce the amount of fuel used and the fumes to which community members are exposed.