Fredrick Juma Bunyasi – Maolo community groundnut program

Date grant awarded: August 25, 2018

One of the challenges facing Africa is the alarming rate of unemployment among the growing youth population. Reports from the Africa economic outlook indicates that 60% of those unemployed are aged between 15-­24 years and more than half of them women.

This number is likely to worsen if nothing is done to counter the trend and is projected to double by 2045. The story is the same for Kenya, the nation with the most rapidly growing population in Africa yet with about 70% of young people unemployed. Maolo community groundnut project seeks to address this challenge using ground nuts agribusiness as a tool where youths and women are going to be empowered by agricultural and business skills within the groundnuts value chain.

Maolo community groundnut project seeks to advance the farming of ground nuts in a more agronomic, sustainable and smarter way to address malnutrition support the economic stability of Maolo marginalized communities. The project will create job opportunities, restore health to our already depleted soils, and help meet the nutritional needs to the dwellers in these communities – healing the land, the community, and preparing for a more sustainable and just future.