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Fred Batale and the members from Disability Art Project Uganda sit around the table during one of their art sessions.

Fred Batale, Disability Art Project Uganda

In the heart of Uganda’s capital city of Kampala lies a dedicated group of individuals committed to providing innovative and recycled crafts. Disability Art Project Uganda is spearheaded by Fred Batale, a man whose physical disability has not gotten in the way of reaching his dreams of offering support to others.

It is estimated in Uganda that among those living with disabilities, 80% are unemployed. This is attributed to little education, lack of accommodation and lack of family support. Inevitably, these individuals turn to the streets for survival. Well; Fred is turning to the streets.

Fred is a recent recipient of our flow fund, an additional $300 that will allow him and his group to continue their exceptional and empowering work. With the extra money, they will be able to continue to make recycled wall clocks, jewelry and bookbinding. Furthermore, he will be able to reach out and train an increased number of people with disabilities that are currently occupying the streets and slum that may not see a light in their future.

Since receiving the initial $1,000 seed grant, Disability Art Project Uganda has expanded their products and were able to bring ten disabled people off the street and into an environment that offers support, tangible skills and generates income.

For more information about their project visit their website or Facebook.

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