Cheeraz Gormon - Sibling Support Network

Founder, Cheeraz Gormon – Sibling Support Network

Date grant awarded: October 30, 2018

Sibling Support Network is a St. Louis, MO based nonprofit dedicated to assisting people who have lost a blood-related or fictive kin sibling to a violent crime. Survivors of sibling loss are oftentimes overlooked, and in many cases, get pushed to shoulder various responsibilities while suffering in silence. When the loss is due to violence, this is even more traumatic.

Sibling Support Network’s first initiative is a nationwide survey, titled “Loss of Blood-Related or Fictive Kin Sibling to a Violent Crime,” for people 18-years old and over to investigate the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health affects of losing a blood related or fictive kinship (also known as chosen family) sibling to a violent crime. The founder of this initiative, Cheeraz Gormon, plans to use the results of these surveys to push public policy decisions in favor of services, programs, and systems to help those dealing with the traumas of losing a sibling to a violent crime.