Women’s Empowerment Circle's members

Founder Carla Garcia – Women’s Empowerment Circle

The Women’s Empowerment Circle is a mentorship program created for and by women to empower through dialogue, workshops, and skill sharing. Their mission is to help young women become the best version of themselves by giving them the tools they need to be successful in school and life.

Carla Garcia founded W.E.C. in 2018 as a small after school program in Santa Monica, CA. Hoping to inspire the next generation, Carla conducted weekly workshops focused on wellness, social skills, and college readiness. Over the course of the semester, the group raised money and partnered with a local non-profit to take members on a weekend long college tour to UCLA, UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Through this trip, Carla was able to inspire members and motivate them further so that they become one of the first in their families to go to college. The experience was so impacting for the girls, that it was decided to make college tours a recurring yearly event. The inspiration for the mentorship program came from Carla’s own experience as an only child and a first generation college student. Not only did she experience a lack of resources, but a lack of professional mentors in her life. Neither of her parents obtained anything past a middle school education, meaning that she was forced to face academic challenges on her own. For this reason, Carla decided to create a mentorship program, that would provide a safe and uplifting community for young women in need of support.

The Pollination Project grant will allow the Women’s Empowerment Circle to to continue making an impact by providing funds to hire skilled educators who work in the areas of technology, self-defense, sex education, financial awareness, college counseling and other fields that will allow the girls to acquire imperative life skills.