Fortunatus Fungatwende, Women Empowerment Through Vegetable Farming Training2016-12-11T19:26:03+00:00
Fortunatus works in the field.

Fortunatus Fungatwende, Women Empowerment Through Vegetable Farming Training

In Kilosa, Tanzania, women are viewed as a minority- their voices often silenced due to cultural influences. With the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic, women are leading more households, yet they feel unfit to take on this role. Fortunatus Fungatwende recognizes that if women are not socially and economically empowered, it will take decades to move forward as a community, country and world. Fortunatus wants to work towards a more compassionate, inclusive and socially just world for all through his project, Women Empowerment Through Vegetable Farming Training.

Through this project, Fortunatus will provide economic opportunities for women and increase the livelihoods of their households as well as improve the gender relations within the households and community. Trainings will involve capacity building on crop production, promoting, processing and distributing of vegetable value chains, entrepreneurship, building partnerships and raising awareness on gender issues.

With the seed grant from The Pollination Project, Fortunatus will purchase a water pump, gardening tools, jerrycans, seeds, organic manures, farm cultivation and refreshments for participants. The sustainability of this project will grow from the resources and skills developed and adopted by the women during the training, along with enhanced production and processing skills and a greater understanding on entrepreneurship and marketing.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 12, 2015

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