Fleet Farming

Fleet Farming – Permaculture Education with Fleet Farming at the ACE School

Fleet Farming is an urban agriculture program of the non-profit IDEAS For Us that transforms lawns into farms. Our current food system is full of inefficiencies, many of which stem from fossil fuel use during food production and transportation. The typical American meal travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to table. In the US, we expend ten calories of fossil fuel energy in the atmosphere for every calorie of food we consume due to the transportation of the produce. Meanwhile, lawns are one of the largest sources of U.S. pollution. 40-million acres of grass lawns absorb three million tons of chemical fertilizers and 30-thousand tons of pesticides each year while requiring 800 million gallons of gasoline for mowing. That’s why we transform these wasteful lawns into sustainable farm plots with produce sold to local vendors within a 5-mile radius. Our programs and events provide important educational tools imperative for social change and national food security. Together, we can preserve the knowledge of how to feed oneself while providing healthy produce to local communities. Every neighborhood deserves the right to have healthy options in abundance right outside their front doors. Our project, with The Pollination Project, allows for children at the ACE K- 8th grade school in the under-served neighborhood of Parramore, Florida to learn about permaculture, agroecology, and perennial gardening in our extended school educational programming. This will turn additional lawn space into a permaculture garden.

Fleet Farming’s mission is to empower all generations to grow food and it truly starts with children. Of our 12 School Gardens created throughout Orlando, Florida, we have focused our educational efforts in low-income neighborhoods to inspire the next generation of urban farmer through our school programs. Thanks to The Pollination Project, we will be able to teach perennial agriculture and agroecology to the students of the ACE school located in the Parramore neighborhood. These bright children will be able to aide our educator in their garden design, plant as a school community, and learn about ecosystems, propagation, and food forestry in the process. Thank you for the opportunity to impact these students lives on to contribute to their take-home produce.

Since we were awarded the seed grant, Fleet Farming has taken off immensely! We have grown to a low-income food desert in Parramore and Holden Heights where we have created over 18 small community gardens for schools, residents, and community centers. We have been featured in a National Geographic documentary called Paris to Pittsburgh as a solution to the industrialized food system in our lawn transforming hybrid CSA approach. We have expanded our services with Edible Landscapes, an edible landscaping service to engage even more of our community in growing local food. And finally, we have a website, brand, and social media platforms that are gaining traction everyday. The funds allowed our small program to take root and we thank the Pollination Project for believing in Fleet Farming when we were just a small sprout. Now, these additional funds help us to grow into a bio-diverse, ecosystem of education and food.

These additional funds will help us to teach even more to our community. Agriculture has been a dynamic science that we have been educated these students upon in their school garden, and now we will have the funds to expand that education in the magical world of permaculture filled with agroecology, food forestry, and perennial crops that teach a continued story of food to our student.s. It shows the world that food can help wildlife, be propagated and shared, as well as develop soil long term.

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