Student Dancer Alejandro Tennorio and Guitarist Donovan Perea

Flamenco Works, Inc. – Peña Flamenca Barileña

Barelas, known as Albuquerque New Mexico’s oldest neighborhood and home of Flamenco Works, Inc., reflects the deep inequalities and economic marginalization that has occurred throughout the state while also celebrating the rich cultural vibrancy. The astonishing high school drop-out rates lead to more unemployment and disengagement. We ask, how can dance respond to the problem of unemployment and dis-engagement?

Through high quality, personal, and accessible Flamenco dance training, we work to engage youth in all aspects of their lives, from family to school, and give space for their voices to be heard. We offer young people opportunities to perform and create alongside working, professional artists, empowering these young children to take on responsibility. We also envision creating avenues for employment of dancers by building Flamenco venues and creating a dynamic, non-hierarchical work environment. This seed grant from TPP allows us to build out our theatre so that we can offer these opportunities for our youth and in the community.