Fidelis Luyagaza, Enock Makwabu – Organic Farming: A Solution to Youth Unemployment

Fidelis Luyagaza and Enock Makwabu are the founders of the project, Organic Farming: A Solution to Youth Unemployment, located in Tanzania.

The project is led by a team of four graduate youths who are the founders of Sustainable Watch on Marginal Communities, a youth led non-governmental organization founded to improve the livelihood of marginalized communities, especially youths and vulnerable women. They promote organically grown fruits and vegetables to tackle youth employment. They are also interested in promoting a green economy as well as environmental conservation by encouraging the young generation to choose jobs in agriculture, especially organic horticulture.

The Pollination Project grant will help project organizers purchase fencing poles, binding wires, watering canes, a water well, as well as organic mature.