Felice Clyne-Davis, Edith K. Bergtraum School, Flushing, Queens, NYC

Felice Clyne-DavisFelice teaches a gifted and talented fifth grade class at Edith K. Bergtraum School, a public elementary school in Queens, New York City. Felice believes a good education empowers students to make a difference in creating a better and brighter world. As an educator, Felice uses strategies like the Independent Investigation Model and Socratic Seminar, which foster discussions over debate, to promote critical and high-order thinking while fostering independence and personal ownership in reading, writing and social studies.

Every year, Felice and her students put on a musical extravaganza where they showcase their many talents — including singing, dancing, acting, playing instruments and video making — while raising thousands of dollars for local and national charities, like WHY Hunger, Doctors without Borders, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and the Macedonian Church’s food pantry in Flushing, Queens. Felice is also an active member of the all-volunteer staff of Anjellicle Cats Rescue, a feline rescue center, and writes “blurbs” for “Pets on Death Row,” a Facebook page that promotes felines in danger of being euthanized at the city shelters.

“My students have learned there are no easy answers or solutions,” she says, continuing, “and that in order to attain success they must persevere, look within themselves for solutions and never give up.” Felice hopes to empower her students to make a difference in making a better and brighter world.