Fatma Ali – Sanitary Towels in Village

According to a 2008 Kenya survey on the number of girls enrolled in school and the number of pregnancy-related drop-out rates, an estimated 10,000 girls dropped out of school due to pregnancy. The coastal regions of Kenya have one of the highest regional dropout rates for primary and secondary levels. In spite of the different studies and the known risk factors about this issue, little continues to be done to lower the high incidence of teenage pregnancy dropouts in Kenya.

As a woman and Madrasa teacher, Fatma Ali Sasabu has seen first hand the discrepancy between urban and rural initiatives, with a trend to leave behind village girls who are in need and desperate for health information. Her project, Sanitary Towels in Villages, seeks to address the 60% dropout rate she has witnessed as a teacher in the region of Mombasa, Kenya. Her aim is to improve access to quality education and provide sanitary towels to keep girls in school. She also aims to amplify the voices of young girls at the grassroots level, provide training around self-esteem, and start an income generating activity (IGA) that will enable them to sustain the project to reach more young girls in Mombasa County.