Fareeha, Maximus, Timothy - CRE.A.T.E

Fareeha A., Maximus K., Timothy N. – CRE.A.T.E

Date grant awarded: June 29, 2018

CRE.A.T.E. (Creating Art Through Expression) is based in the San Fernando Valley, California and is co-led by teens and adults. Their mission is to help low-income and homeless kids who lack an outlet for self-expression by providing them with art supplies and a secure place for them to work on drawing, painting, and even self-driven projects. Art is a very important part of early child development and they believe that all kids should be able to express themselves freely in order to be heard. They were inspired to start this project by their personal experiences with art. Art has helped them create lasting memories that have, and will continue to have, a lasting impact on their futures. The organizers believe that all kids should have the opportunity to make memories the way they did so that they can have a positive impact on their lives.

CRE.A.T.E will offer workshops where low-income and homeless kids will be able to participate in fun arts and crafts that will nurture their imagination and give them a way to express themselves. The Pollination Project grant will help organizers purchase necessary supplies for these workshops.