Fair Opportunity Project Team – Fair Opportunity Project

Date grant awarded: August 6, 2018

Fair Opportunity Project is a non-profit organization founded by Cole Scanlon and Luke Heine to improve the likelihood that young people in underperforming schools have equal opportunity to attend college. Drawing from their own personal experiences, they knew that comprehensive information on college admissions was not readily available or well understood at high schools with very few school counselors and families who were unfamiliar with the process.

Cole attended an urban public school in Miami, FL where there was one counselor to 900 students in his senior class. Luke grew up in rural Minnesota, initially unaware that one could study for the SAT. After enrolling at college, Cole and Luke freely mentored students from their communities and recognized recurring misinformation about how to apply to college and afford it. Fair Opportunity Project was founded to address this persistent gap. They found eager collaborators among a team of college students, high school counselors, and college access advisors to write a comprehensive 70-page college admissions and financial aid guide containing examples of successful college essays, free online videos, scholarship websites, and much more.

The Guide was sent to every public high school in America: 64,000 guides to date have been distributed, with more requests daily. The Guide has been downloaded in 204 countries and, besides being hosted on 51 other websites, has been printed and distributed by superintendents across the United States. To broaden access to this resource, The Guide has been translated into Spanish and Mandarin and is freely available through the Fair Opportunity Project website. The Pollination Project grant will empower them to improve their guide with updates and graphics, optimize their website with tools for improved user accessibility, and build partnerships that will increase monthly traffic to 25k per month.