Ezeokoli Ogechukwu Chinenye, Teens Entreprenuership Club2016-12-11T19:25:17+00:00

Ezeokoli Ogechukwu Chinenye, Teens Entreprenuership Club

Date grant awarded: July 3, 2016
The Teens Entrepreneurship Club is a flagship project of the TEENSED Foundation, which aims to inspire teenagers from low-income communities in Obawole, Nigeria to recognize business opportunities in problems around them, plan for a successful future and create employment opportunities. Many teenagers have creative and enterprising attributes that are not harnessed early enough, while some others yield to sexual pressure and crime due to lack of funds for their basic needs. TEENSED Foundation offers essential financial, entrepreneurial and leadership skills with seed funds that can help these young innovators execute business ideas and make positive impacts in the society at large.

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