Evento Cultural Indigena

Date grant awarded: August 27, 2018

Evento Cultural Indigena is organized by the nonprofit organization “Movimiento Cultural de la Union Indigena” and they will be celebrating the event “Evento Cultural Indigena” in Santa Rosa California on August 12, 2018 at Montgomery High School. Cristina Ramirez and Mariano Alvarez are organizing this event to inspire cultural preservation, education, and recruitment for upcoming campaigns for human rights, leadership development, and joyful connection to strengthen the soul. This event is a festival that centers on cultural education, empowerment, and unity.

The festival serves to educate the mainstream community about the indigenous community and will also connect indigenous farm workers in Sonoma County. This educational event has the potential to unite the educators and the communities. The goal is create a support network and continue to be a contributing force to the overall culture of Sonoma County.