Evans okumu reparing one of the bicycles being used during riding trainings .

Evans Okumu – Bicycles for Girls in Kenya

Bicycles for Girls project in Kenya is to provide school-aged girls in Western Kenya with safe, affordable transportation. The goal of this project is to repair and assemble bicycles, rent them at a reduced price, and provide training for female beneficiaries.

When girls ride bicycles, they reduce the risk of everyday harassment that they suffer walking to and from schools.The program also will break the gender stereotypes that cycling is only for boys.

The initial seed grant from TPP enabled me to put this project to the next level, enabling to serve more girls. I also bought working tools which made my assembling and repair work more easily. Receiving this larger follow up award will allow me to even serve better the ever increasing number of girls needing bicycles. By purchasing more bicycles, there will be reduced cases of harassment and further help to seal the gender stereotypes that cycling is only for boys.

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