Eva Queen

Eva Queen and the CA4Y team – Community Advocates 4 You, Inc.

Date grant awarded: August 11, 2018

Community Advocates 4 You, Inc. (CA4Y) is located in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a committed network of parents, professionals, and community advocates working together to support low-income children and adults within the disabilities and minority community. They offer free workshops and trainings related to special education law and policies, transitional youth planning (specifically for adolescents and young adults with disabilities), and self-advocacy skill building. Their team is unique in that they are all parents, and/or caregivers of persons with disabilities. CA4Y does not compete with larger institutions and direct service providers; instead, they are the capacity building entity that serves as a bridge to these services and supports for their clients. They also work with community organizations and churches to increase disabilities awareness and access.

In the words of CA4Y’s founder, “My husband and I were suddenly immersed into a community for which we had no preparation. With God’s help, we allowed others into our story and this unique community of other families, and professionals became our life-line.” Unfortunately, not every family is as fortunate and this is especially true for minority and low-income families. CA4Y exists to address this problem with intentionality, and compassion. They want to give every child family living with disabilities a voice, regardless of their socio-economic status or race.

The grant funds they receive from The Pollination Project will help CA4Y to provide a helping hand to these families, and will ultimately help them to raise capacity and self-advocacy for a group of citizens that are unfortunately underserved, and overlooked.