Eunice Wanjiku Mwathi, Kikuyu Disabled Self Help Group

Date grant awarded: December 16, 2016

Kikuyu Disabled Self Help Group are a group of young people with disabilities who are determined to change the perception and situation of people with disabilities in Kenya while participating meaningfully in their communities.

Youth Environmental Team Member Beth Koigi met the group when they were discussing installing and improving a community water supply in Dagoretti Market , Kenya. This innovative project will provide water to the community at far produced rates than those currently available. The cost of water prior to this project mentored many people unable to afford clean water and instead relied on dirty and contaminated water for daily use. After partnering with a local member of Parliament, the group has managed to negotiate access to the water from the local government and will be charging affordable rates to local people. The money raised will be used to improve the situation of people with disabilities and provide income to members of the community with disabilities.

When we asked Beth why she had decided to support this group with a flow fund, she said:

“This is a unique group comprised of young people living with disability giving back to the community . . . I found this group to be daring. They are offering to give back to the community since, In spite of their challenges, they have a lot to offer. The majority of people with disabilities in Kenya have been excluded from the mainstream of society and have thus been prevented from accessing fundamental social, political and economic rights. This often prevents access to work, and where work is available it often provides little money. This led to the formation of this self-help group which is helping in changing people’s perceptions of disabled individuals by showing the community that people living with disabilities can work and can give back to the community.”