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Leah Chikamba - Hope For The Helpless

Esnat Bota, Tapiwa Kachipande, Leah Chikamba – Hope for the Hopeless

Date grant awarded: 11/10/2017

Leah Chikamba is the founder of Angels of Hope for Women and has Esnat Bota and Tapiwa Kachipande as co-leaders. The name of the project is called Hope for the Helpless and is located in Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

The project runs an outreach service for women and girls who have experienced domestic abuse. Most of these women are asylum seekers and refugees living in accommodated shelter. The project focuses on this group of individuals because of their many disadvantages, such as having very limited or no English language skills, being new to the country and having had experienced abuse. Hope for the Helpless supports these women to become independent and self-reliant by offering support and services that have a lasting impact on their lives. The project offers workshops including financial management and courses to help build their confidence, raise their self esteem and learn basic English language, which will then lead to them gaining employment.

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