Eric Onyambu and Naomi Momanyi, Empowering Women and Youth for Sustainable Livelihoods

Two men work in a field of crops.

According to the World Bank, 75% of Kenya’s population resides in rural regions, which provide little resources. A large number of these individuals are unemployed women and youth without the means for an income. Employment opportunities are difficult to come across for this demographic, as many do not have a level of education required to pursue such jobs. Their only hope is farming. In Keroka, Kenya, Eric Onyambu and Naomi Momanyi have created the Empowering Women and Youth for Sustainable Livelihoods project to give women and youth opportunity.

The project focuses on empowering one hundred women and youth in sustainable development and food security through organic farming. Beneficiaries will be equipped with the skills of organic farming and then given seeds to grow. Upon harvest time, Eric and Naomi will buy back the produce and sell it to individuals in the capital city, Nairobi, where the demand is high for convenient, organic crops. The revenue collected will be reinvested into the project as well as giving participating individuals economical stability.

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