Eric Julian Morelos

Eric Morelos, The Spot

Date grant awarded: 3/16/2017

My name is Eric Morelos and I go to Da Vinci Design high school in Hawthorne CA. At Da Vinci we practice project based learning, and in my project group there are four members: Aaron Bates, Jocelyn Vital and Brandon Marin and me. For the spring semester project we are making improvements to our current campus so when the Elementary and Middle school get to the campus it is ready for them to use.

The Spot is an area for children K-8 to read, write and draw. The purpose of this is so children at DVIA (Da Vinci Innovation Academy) can have a space to relax and read, write and draw. Right now DVIA does not have a reading area on their campus, and my group wanted to give them a spot to hang out and be able to express themselves as they learn. This structure will have 3 seats, chalk board walls, and bookshelves.