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Israli and Palestinian flag with project name, "A Third Way"

EPMED, The Third Way

Claire Payne, Olivier Loose, Christiaan Gevers Deynoot and Amir Salameh work towards promoting peaceful coexistence amongst Palestinians and Israelis via their project, “The Third Way,” part of the “Foundations” Project in Brussels, Belgium and Dublin, Ireland. This project uses film to inspire and encourage Europeans, both at the community and political level, to take a more positive and constructive role in ending the conflict.

The Team makes up EPMED: The European Platform for Middle East Dialogue, a group that creates opportunities for constructive and inclusive dialogue in Europe regarding people living in conflict. This project enables individuals to be introduced to the voices of those living in conflict and puts faces to the people and stories we hear in the media.

“By introducing people to the voices of those in conflict, we put faces and names to the stories we hear. We learn how to be compassionate towards people we may not agree with. We learn to listen and understand. This is the first step towards conflict transformation.”

For more information on The Third Way, check out their Facebook, Twitter or website.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  November 29, 2015

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