Sharon Akinyi - Energy Saving Jiko Production

Energy Saving Jiko Production – Energy Saving Jiko Production

Date grant awarded: December 7, 2018

Energy Saving Jiko (ESJ) Production is an initiative created by Mrs. Sharon Akinyi, a trained environmentalist advocating for alternative energy sources and the use of energy saving techniques. The project will be implemented by members of Action for Research and Development Self Help Group. Members will be trained on molding, firing and installing ESJ, and will install ESJ in two boarding schools and forty-eight households in Kenya between November-December 2018.

Thirty members will then be trained for three days on adopting the use of ESJ for cooking. The aim is to ease pressure on forest resources and reduce deforestation by community members who rely on wood fuel and charcoal for cooking. The grant funds will be used to purchase molding machine, construction of kiln and training of of 30 members of the group who will work on the project.