Empowered Students – First-Gen Student Success in their Transition to Career

Our society will be better served with a more diverse workforce in the corporate world. We empower students to land life-enhancing internships and jobs. Our mission is to level the playing field for underrepresented college students in their transition to career.

Founder, Sean O’Keefe, award-winning Professor at Santa Clara University and guest lecturer at UC Berkeley, was asked by Dr. Erin-Kimura Walsh — Director of the First-Generation Student program at Santa Clara University (SCU) — to design and teach classes for cohorts of first-generation/low-income students. There was more demand the supply of seats in the class, thus Empowered Students was created to serve more students at SCU and underrepresented students at other colleges. There is no bigger compliment as a teacher than to be asked to design and teach a new class.