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Emmanuel Mbaji Mruu, TAKKAZI

Date grant awarded: May 13, 2016
Emmanuel Mbaji Mruu is the founder of Takkazi (www.takkazi.org) , a registered community based organization number (DSD/CHN/CD/CBO/2016/475 in Mombasa Kenya. TAKA Means WASTE and KAZI means EMPLOYMENT, thus “TAKKAZI in Swahili language of Kenya. Mombasa generates in excess of 900 tons of waste daily with only 30% reaching the dumpsites. There is  inadequate or lack of waste management education in schools and less recycling initiatives as proved by our recent research. Targeting youth and women in the slums of Mombasa,
Takkazi seeks to Transform WASTE TO WEALTH through recycling and waste management training in local schools and in communities. Takkazi envisions a Kenya where Recycling is a culture, a society where unemployed youth and women find employment through waste and a generation that sees waste a raw material of production.

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