the Chairman and another member in one of their Sesame garden at the flowering stage showing their excitement as the sesame is growing very well

Emmanuel Komakech – Group Agricultural Farming

Since my parents passed, I have struggled to raise my siblings. In an effort to ease this, my friends and I came together to work in the garden. Working in this space has allowed for us to support one another – both economically and emotionally as we support one another with advice to everyday challenges. Furthermore, when we work together, we get more yields, which empowers us and reduces our dependency on all the members.

Through such support, we are increasing the economic strength of us all. Some of our members cannot go to the garden to dig on their own because they do not own land, they are living with a disability, or do not have the necessary tools to dig. Since the group is known to have members of all kinds – especially those in vulnerable groups – by working as a cohesive unit, we are able to also help everyone. This kind of community is good because it provides equal opportunity – and economic wellbeing – for the members.