Emily Potter - The Dream Walk Concert

Emily Potter – The Dream Walk Concert

Emily Potter is the director of the Million Kisses Foundation and an acoustic folk musician who lives fully within a gift economy model. She performs her donation-based “Dream Walk Concert” across the United States and internationally. Emily’s motivation was a realization that, in the past, she has limited herself in dreaming too big because of a scarcity consciousness specifically about money.

Within the musical immersion of her one hour performance, Emily’s audiences are invited to take a personal stand for their life dreams by signing their name to this statement: “I believe in living my life dreams courageously. I support others doing the same.” This ceremonial act reminds the audience that pursuing their dreams courageously without barriers not only brings alignment with their own greatest happiness, but acts as their life’s contribution to the whole of humanity.

This grant provides technical equipment for quality documentation and promotion of the Dream Walk Concert.