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Emily Deering, the Collaborative Development Conference

Emily Deering is helping to transform Uganda’s education system through the Collaborative Development Conference in Katale, Uganda.

Although Ugandan educators are passionate when it comes to their wor (traveling up to 80 km every day, working long hours, and even housing students who can’t afford boarding), there is a crucial gap to fill between their desire to help students succeed and their limited access to support systems for effective teaching.

After several years of hearing educators’ frustrations, this year Emily is working with Pangea Educational Development (PED) to foster  international relationships between educators at the Collaborative Development Conference.

The conference will bring educators from Uganda and the U.S. together to exchange best practices and solutions to problems faced in the classroom through group sessions and homework assignments. Participants will then return to their own schools and provide follow-up sessions on what they learned to other local educators.

Emily states, “This conference provides the support systems teachers need to take themselves, their schools, and their communities even further.”

For more information, please visit PED’s Facebook page.

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