EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project – EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project

Date grant awarded: 10/13/2017

According to a mini-survey conducted in 2008 on class enrollments of girls and pregnancy-related drop-out rates for the year, 10,000 girls in Kenya dropped out of school because of pregnancy, with the Coastal region of Kenya having one of the highest regional drop-out rates for primary and secondary levels. In spite of all this information, and the known risk factors, nothing is being done to lower the high incidence of teenage pregnancy drop-outs in Kenya. The EMCLOW project wants to help raise rural women’s awareness about their rights as women, particularly in the following areas: economic empowerment, land inheritance, early marriage and domestic abuse.

The project will provide counseling and emotional support through the safe space model, by recruiting young girls and women and carrying out advocacy on issues facing them, such as high school drop-out rates, early pregnancy and marriage. EMCLOW is forging the way for women in this region to take up leadership positions and will train young girls and women so that they can earn a livelihood.