Elyse Gordon, The Justice Lab: Developing Dialogues for Empathy, Justice and Critical Inquiry.

Elyse Gordon, a PhD. student at the University of Washington, Seattle, has a long history of involvement in activist and philanthropic endeavors, many of which have been aimed at tackling issues such as environmental, racial, and/or social injustices.  Now, Elyse is turning her attention to harnessing the millennial generation’s deep-seeded desire to affect meaningful change in society by hosting a year-long salon series entitled, Justice Lab: Developing Dialogues for Empathy, Justice and Critical Inquiry.

When asked about her motivations for creating the Justice Lab, Elyse explained, “The Millennial Generation is adept at hashtags and digital campaigns to show our politics. Yet, there is a deep gap between these types of click-based actions and more grounded, place-based action that requires us to make sacrifices, to welcome discomfort, and to challenge the dominant paradigm that oppresses many for the benefit of a few.”

The Justice Lab will host small 8-10 person salon-style discussions at various locations in Seattle with a particular focus on addressing issues pertaining to social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. Elyse hopes that The Lab’s conversations over society’s most poignant issues will help to foster a space that can bring people and ideas together in new ways, inspiring participants to take an active role in affecting change within their communities.

Funding from The Pollination Project will be used to purchase supplies for the salon, as well as for web site design and promotional materials.

For more information on Elyse or The Justice Lab, please see Elyse Gordon’s website or follow her on Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: March 1, 2015