Elske Tjetje De Jong, Todos somos Musicales: Musicoterapia en la Ciudad   

Music therapy as an evidence-based practice is not yet acknowledged in Mexico as an official health profession. 

Despite this, various research has shown the short term effectiveness of music therapy.

Elske Tjetje De Jong, a music therapist, has personally experienced the long term benefits of music therapy. Elske created Todos somos Musicales: Musicoterapia en la Ciudad, to use music and other skills to actively promote evidence-based music therapy in Mexico City.

Elske will offer therapeutic music sessions in various units of hospitals, like pediatrics, rehabilitation or psychiatry. Elske’s musical sessions will include playing, singing and composing music. This Grant will help Elske purchase transportable musical Instruments and other music related tools and resources. 

For more information about Todos somos Musicales: Musicoterapia en la Ciudad, visit their Website,  Facebook and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 6, 2015