Ellen Ericksen on freeway with sign

Ellen Ericksen

There are few people in this world more dedicated to being a voice for animals than my dear friend Ellen Ericksen who selflessly spends every available second of her free time coming to the assistance of beings in need.

Week after week, month after month, Ellen can be found outside SeaWorld or the rodeo or the racetrack or the slaughterhouse making a powerful stand for those being held captive inside. She has earned the respect of her fellow activists across the country with her commitment, passion, strategic vision, professionalism, and kind heart.

Ellen knows what it takes to get the job done for animals. She carefully cultivates relationships with local media, government officials, and law enforcement, ensuring that all of her numerous demonstrations are effective and law-abiding. And she never backs down. In instances where her right are being violated, Ellen stands strong and holds her ground, because she knows the animals deserve to be heard. Her work is a model for activists everywhere, which is why so many turn to her for support and advice, myself included.

Ellen is the epitome of a true vegan hero: she fights relentlessly for a better day for animals without expecting anything in return. For every demo you’ve organized, for every tear you have cried, for every life you have saved: thank you, Ellen!

Tribute by Carrie LeBlanc, TPP Grantee, Grant Advisor and Founder of CompassionWorks International